Five Star Festivals

Five Star Festival is an association comprising some of Sweden’s top music festivals in their respective genres: Båstad Chamber Music Festival, Korrö Folk Music Festival, Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival, Helsingborg Pianofestival and Lund Choral Festival.

Each festival is unique, with a clear individual and artistic identity. What they all have in common is a determined ambition to deliver the highest possible quality to the widest variety of audiences.



Peter Wilgotsson

Manager International Relations, Event and Festivals.

+46 708 – 58 58 00

Strong brands

Five Star Festivals strengthens the individual identity of each festival, while being under the umbrella organisation of Musik i Syd. Each one of them has their own strong brand, serving as an example of southern Sweden’s rich variety of local, regional and international music events, a combination that is unlikely to be found anywhere else in Scandinavia.

Båstad Chamber Music

Summers in Båstad and Bjärehalvön have been enriched for over 20 years by the intensive week long Chamber Music Festival during the month of June.

Welcome to one of Sweden’s more prominent scenes for chamber music, offering a mix of well-known classics as well as newcomers. Here you’ll find both Swedish and international artists of the highest artistic calibre.

Helsingborg Pianofestival

In the late summer each year, we present some of the current top international piano virtuosos. We also hold events featuring Swedish soloists, lectures, seminars, family concerts, concert introductions and master classes. The format and content, with a focus on the piano, are quite unique and not only artists but also audiences travel considerable distances to Helsingborg and its Dunkers Kulturhus venue. A partnership with the renowned Van Cliburn International Piano Competition has also now been initiated.

Korrö Folkmusikfestival

This is Sweden’s largest folk music festival. Nowhere else in Sweden will you find such a wide variety of Swedish and Nordic folk music. The festival has managed to retain an ambience of intimacy.

The festival program will comprise a fresh mix of both well known and not yet established groups, some of which may be performing for the first time for a larger audience.

Lund Choral Festival

Lund Choral Festival promotes choral music as an art form, leveraging its enormous folk music influence and establishing Lund as a choral music capital. The first festival took place in 2006 and since then has returned every other year in October.

Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival

Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival is an annual jazz festival held in Ystad. It was established in 2010 and its aim is to offer audiences high quality jazz concerts with international artists and Swedish jazz musicians.

The festival also provides a stage for young Swedish musicians and encourages children and young people to become interested in Jazz. Pianist Jan Lundgren is Artistic Director.